Vanessa Stockard

Vanessa Stockard is a master at transforming the familiarities of everyday life into whimsical adventures. Her paintings are infused with the poetry of everyday events – her two year old daughter and the joy she brings, domestic creatures reinvented with bazaar anthropomorphic attributes. Amusing and sweet, awkward and potentially dangerous, Stockard captures the unique and the sometimes abstract but she also captures the interesting and beautiful connection between things. She breathes life into the delicate quiet moments that tend to get overlooked.

The weird and wonderful world of Vanessa Stockard is rich with emotion and colour, She picks her colours as if plucking blooms from a garden. Her memories are a major inspiration for her work along with the experiences of a slower more intimate country life. Stockard will capture your very heartbeat and hand it to you on a glimmering silver platter.

Vanessa Stockard was born in 1975 in Sydney. She spent her formative years in a small country town in the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales. At 12 she returned to Sydney as a boarder at Abbotsleigh. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts (COFA) Sydney in 1998 with a BFA, she exhibited locally and internationally. Her prizes include: 2015 – Highly Commended – 43rd Muswellbrook Art Prize for Painting. 2014 – Finalist – Caldera Art Prize, Tweed Regional Gallery/Caldera Art Gallery, Murwillumbah. 2010 – Winner – Stanthorpe Art prize. Vanessa Stockard has also been an Archibald finalist in 2017, 2018 & 2019. On two occasions her entries have been self portraits. In 2019 she became an Archibald finalist for the third year in a row with a portrait of fellow artist McLean Edwards.

Vanessa Stockard has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Hong Kong, LA & New York, proving she is extremely well collected, and with prices still very affordable, she is worth collecting today!

“Perfect petals and stems have little personality and often no perfume at all” – Vanessa Stockard.


  • Vanessa Stockard – Derek Milkwood sense
  • Vanessa Stockard – Brony Island
  • Vanessa Stockard – Shabby Chic
  • Vanessa Stockard – Trying to make friends outside the ladies
  • Vanessa Stockard – Obvious Situation
  • Vanessa Stockard – Tinder Weekend
  • Vanessa Stockard – Don’t Look
  • Vanessa Stockard – Obedience School – Griffon Bruxellois
  • Vanessa Stockard – Disobedience in Old Enough
  • Vanessa Stockard – Candy Stripped Kevin
  • Vanessa Stockard – Disobedience with Ears
  • Vanessa Stockard – Obedience School – French Bulldog
  • Vanessa Stockard – Obedience School – Pomeranian
  • Vanessa Stockard – The Stable of Stars
  • Vanessa Stockard – Kevin is a unicorn (struggling with the vibe)
  • Vanessa Stockard – Christopher: remember how I was telling you if it looks too good to be true… it probably is?
  • Vanessa Stockard – K-bomb ‘The day after’ Edvard Munch
  • Vanessa Stockard – K-bomb baby Mona Lisa
  • Vanessa Stockard – K-bomb ‘Woman with a parrot’ Eugene Delacroix
  • Vanessa Stockard – Alice meets the rabbit mushroom
  • Vanessa Stockard – Nothing like a forced cuddle
  • Vanessa Stockard – Sleepy time potion – drink me
  • Vanessa Stockard – Feeling a little chilly in the Murchinson’s loft, Derek seriously considered the bed
  • Vanessa Stockard – Bathtime Blues
  • Vanessa Stockard – Velvet Slide
  • Vanessa Stockard – Lavender sponge
  • Vanessa Stockard – Cakes and Ladders
  • Vanessa Stockard – A little man on a large lounge
  • Vanessa Stockard – Lime juicing
  • Vanessa Stockard – Think I’ll use the other bathroom
  • Vanessa Stockard – The cranks (grandpa’s chair)
  • Vanessa Stockard – Too much hot water