Tim Fry

Tim was born in Sydney in 1985 and currently lives and works in the Northern Rivers of NSW. He received a Batchelor of Visual Art from SCU in 2015 and a Diploma of Visual Art from Southbank Tafe in 2009.

Tim Fry works primarily with mixed media drawing and ceramic sculpture. His drawings are heavily influenced by Pop Art aesthetics and cover a range of everyday imagery from still life’s, condiments, and old cars to landscapes, and buildings, whereas the sculpture has been exclusively concerned with architectural and industrial forms. By infusing pop art inspired everyday imagery with personal narratives, Tim’s art seeks to create fun playful reactions as a way to engage people in often serious topics. Tim’s work speaks of universal concerns such as social, political and environmental issues interwoven with the personal celebrations and tribulations of daily life.

Exhibiting consistently since 2008 in both group and solo exhibitions, Tim has shown in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as various regional towns. Tim Currently works with several commercial and regional galleries in Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay.

In 2020 Tim was Highly Commended in the Border Art prize, a Finalist in the Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award and The Byron Arts Magazine Prize. In 2019 a Finalist in the Lyn McCrea Drawing Prize. In 2018 a Finalist in the Byron Arts Magazine prize and Lyn McCrea Drawing prize. In 2014 a finalist in the Craft NSW Emerging Artist Prize.


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