Stephen Glassborow

I found myself trying to put a quirk or a twist into the figure. I looked for ways to make the figure have a contemporary relationship – Stephen Glassborow.

Stephen studied Fine Arts at the Brighton College of Art in the UK but soon followed his passion for sculpture making. He moved to Australia and became a permanent resident in 1983.

Stephen’s works are exquisite compositions of realism and abstraction. He has forged a unique eclectic style by drawing inspiration from diverse genres and epochs such as Art Deco, Roman Architectural Ruins, Greco-Roman Classical Sculpture and Contemporary Abstraction. Consequently, his works are like elegant classical sculptures with a contemporary realist twist. By combining a classical style with real contemporary ideas, motifs and materials, Stephen creates distinctive hybrid post-modern works that refer to the mainstreams of European culture and history while at the same time rooting us in the realities of our contemporary world. By doing this he reminds us of the history informing our contemporary everyday life while providing us with something whimsical that is both a joy to look at and that compels us to re-consider our own history and contemporary existence.

Stephen has had great success across Asia, the Pacific, the US and the UK and has held over 70 solo exhibitions. He is also very much in demand for commissions for public work. His pieces can be seen in corporate, public and private collections in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney and Melbourne and many in the USA and UK.

Stephen’s work is bound to continue to appreciate if not only for the sheer enjoyment it gives when viewing it.


  • Stephen Glassborow – Roman Female
  • Stephen Glassborow – Come the Revolution
  • Stephen Glassborow – Air Chair
  • Stephen Glassborow – “V”
  • Stephen Glassborow – Filigree