Mia Oatley

Graduating from The National Art School she was promptly picked up by Sydney gallerist Richard Martin. After selling out her first graduation show, Mia Oatley took a self-funded trip to Europe where she reside for three years, living and working in the French underground art scene as well as exhibiting her work with a commercial gallery in the well-known gallery district of Saint Germain des Pres.

“I always really admired French artists such as Degar, Matisse, Toulouse Lautrec etc. I loved that they took every day scenes in the bathroom, in the bedroom and made them beautiful, dramatic and fascinating. I knew that I wanted to do the same thing. Take people in natural situations going about their domestic business like these great artists, but do it my way, with fresh eyes. The eyes of someone living in the 21st century”

30 solo and group exhibitions. Mia Oatley was an Archibald finalist in 2014 with a portrait of Tim Maguire. Mia has also been a finalist of The Salon des refuses, The Portia Geach, and The Waverly art prize. She has been written about and featured in major publications and newspapers such as the Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Belle Magazine and Home Beautiful to name just a few.


  • Mia Oatley – Beach
  • Mia Oatley – Beachscape
  • Mia Oatley – Black Vase
  • Mia Oatley – Blackline Vase
  • Mia Oatley – By The Lake
  • Mia Oatley – Garden Lady
  • Mia Oatley – Jewel
  • Mia Oatley – Mustard Vase
  • Mia Oatley – Spit Bridge