James Corbett

James Corbett has been creating his incredibly life like sculptures since late 1998. At this time he was the proprietor of a specialist motor wrecking business in Brisbane, Australia. Now Corbett has gained an international following as a highly collectable and sought after artist.

One rainy Saturday afternoon back then in 1998, James decided to bring to fruition some thoughts that had been in the back of his mind for some time and began welding together some parts. He liked the result, as did many others who saw that first sculpture on the counter of the shop. Encouraged by both the response to the piece and his own enjoyment at creating it, James continued to create his sculptures over the next few months, and it wasn’t long before they were selling to customers.

The response was so good in fact that in 1999 James Corbett held his first exhibition at a motoring themed café in Brisbane called Vroom. The rest as they say is history….. James sold pieces and was asked to be the guest artist at the Brisbane International Motor Show, which he did for three years. Numerous exhibitions, showings, & commissions followed. By March 2000 it was clear that the sculptures were going to be a permanent feature in their lives, so James and his wife Jodie decided to sell up the wrecking business and concentrate full time on James’ career as an artist. In 2002 he was invited to exhibit at the Essen Motor Show, Germany. Now twelve years later, he is still growing in popularity and has now held several successful solo exhibitions in England and America, while still exhibiting in three of Australia’s capital cities. He has completed several large corporate commissions for public display, and sold pieces into the collections of some of the world’s largest companies, and yet can still be perceived as an artist for the people.

James is shyly staggered by the snowballing response to his work.

“Every day I get emails from people in different parts of the world who have stumbled upon images of my work. Some are in awe, some are inspired, some want to buy pieces that are long sold, and others have just written to say thank you for brightening their day. I was really chuffed to learn that in the University of Miami, Florida, art students were critiquing my works in lectures”.

Rarely now does a month pass without a request for a magazine or newspaper interview.

“I’d like to think that well into the future my work will be regarded as both a pleasing sculpture, and as an intriguing time capsule from the era of the motor vehicle”.

JEFA Gallery is honoured to be representing this fantastic artist. Do get in touch if you have seen something you like, would like to arrange a private viewing or are interested in arranging a commission. James has created numerous life size projects, and larger. Though most of the sculptures are reduced to scale. Either way let us know, and we will be happy to assist.!


  • James Corbett – Dachshund
  • James Corbett – Trigger fish
  • James Corbett – Red Mosquito
  • James Corbett – Roger’s tractor
  • James Corbett – Paddy’s tractor
  • James Corbett – Orangutan
  • James Corbett – Power Luge No.2 (left side)
  • James Corbett – Lemur (King Julian)
  • James Corbett – Perkolilli Bike No.8 (left side)
  • James Corbett – Peugeot Lion
  • James Corbett – Ibis
  • James Corbett – Ariel Recon Officer No.2
  • James Corbett – Self Portrait No.3 with Training Wheels
  • James Corbett – Great Dane
  • James Corbett – Big Seabird
  • James Corbett – Fair Ground Racer No.10 (2)
  • James Corbett – Triumph Duck (2)
  • James Corbett – Brooklands Bike No.2
  • James Corbett – Cello Goat
  • James Corbett – BMW Racer
  • James Corbett – Broad Track Racer
  • James Corbett – Luge