Brendan Kelly

Brendan is an Australian contemporary artist known for his vibrant and dynamic paintings who developed a passion for art from a young age, and he has pursued his artistic career with dedication and creativity. Given his unique style and approach that has influences of Francis Bacon and Sidney Nolan we feel this is an artist to watch and collect.

Kelly’s artistic process is intuitive and exploratory, with each painting evolving organically as he responds to the canvas and allows his creativity to guide him. He often works in series, exploring variations on a theme or idea, and his willingness to take risks and embrace experimentation results in artworks that are both compelling and innovative. The subsequent development of Kelly’s distinctive painting style reflects both his character and life experiences.

Brendan Kelly’s art captures local subjects and his oeuvre includes reflections on Australian history, colonialism, iconic heroes, and eccentricities as an Australian. There is a sense of humor with an undertone of the dark side and like all great artists, this juxtapose forms a very important part of the artists work.


  • Brendan Kelly – Snowy Mountains Landscape
  • Brendan Kelly – Sea Horse
  • Brendan Kelly – Orange Recline
  • Brendan Kelly – Loyal
  • Brendan Kelly – Modigliani Calf
  • Brendan Kelly – Grazing
  • Brendan Kelly – Fellopian Forest Fire
  • Brendan Kelly – Equine Wedding Night
  • Brendan Kelly – Equine Kitchen
  • Brendan Kelly – Bustopia
  • Brendan Kelly – Bovine Figure Lounge
  • Brendan Kelly – Bovine Nude
  • Brendan Kelly – Australian Author
  • Brendan Kelly – Murdering David Hockney