Anna Parsons

Anna Parsons graduated at Sydney College Of The Arts, Sydney University
receiving distinctions. At that time she was very much doing installation
works with kinetic sculpture and sound performance. She then traveled, had children and built houses.

Now she is back to practicing her art full time.

“I start every day with writing, this helps condense my energy and tune
into where I am at, then I go to work!”

Anna’s work is an intuitive process using clay as a friendly receptive
medium to express, bouncing off her inner psychology. I am a
believer there is enough inside a person to draw on she says, reflecting their
experience of being here in this life, on this planet.

This latest body of work called “The Grewsome Beauty Range”, has conceptual
innuendos towards personal, social, political and environmental concerns.

“I like my work to have a sense of immediacy (like 3d graffiti) and have
been exploring the right clay body to get this effect; it is a physical
communion with the clay body itself.”

Years of experimentation, have brought her and the work to this unique point.

“While I work I am processing my dreams and feelings, consciously or
unconsciously in “the flow”. I believe in enthusiasm over discipline.. like
the work comes through me, if it is there”.

Once Anna has made the form and it has dried (depending on the weather
and size a piece can take weeks to dry before initial firing) she then fires the
work once. Parsons then glazes the piece with glazes she makes myself. She will then fire it again to its maximum vitrification. Then she re glazes for a different effect to a mid-fire.

Then she might re-glaze and re-fire to a lower temperature…then paint the pure gold luster onto the work and fire again. Parson’s work can easily have four to five firings until the desired effect is achieved. This can often be a long process, at least 16 days to get the glaze effect let alone the making and initial drying time. Often work will not make it to the end, and so the whole process has to be repeated from the beginning!

Anna Parsons is one of those artists that walks, like any true artist, a tight-rope between the genius of creation and the possibility of destruction.

With many exhibitions under her belt and a growing fan base of collectors Anne Parsons is well worth supporting and encouraging today – at least we believe so, and we look forward to hearing from you if you agree.


  • Anna Parsons – Good idea pussy
  • Anna Parsons – More female fish in power (vase)
  • Anna Parsons – Rising out of the rubble
  • Anna Parsons – Wasp nest teeth
  • Anna Parsons – Crisis equals opportunity
  • Anna Parsons – Canary gold
  • Anna Parsons – Grewsome beauty range (Blue & gold) III
  • Anna Parsons – Grewsome beauty range (Orange) II
  • Anna Parsons – Grewsome beauty range I
  • Anna Parsons – Grewsome beauty vase blue & gold